Bailey the Poodle Cross

Bailey the Poodle Cross

We had tried trainers before contacting Sally, we had done puppy classes, group classes and 1-2-1s. Nothing helped our (now 1 year old) poodle cross, we were told that we had to treat her every time she did something right and ignore her when she did something wrong, we were stuck in a continuous cycle of treating and getting nowhere.

We looked at testimonials on Sally’s website and were very hopeful that she would be able to help us. From the first time Bailey met Sally there was an understanding and willingness to follow, which we hadn’t seen from her before.

Its now been a couple of days since Sally’s visit and the change in Bailey is remarkable. She is so much more relaxed in the house now that she has defined rules and boundaries that the whole family are committed to.

Her lead walking has improved as well, we are no longer being pulled along and although we know that we have still a long way to go, the tools and knowledge that Sally has given us makes us confident and positive that with continued work we will have the happy confident dog we have always hoped for.

Many thanks,

Sally, Bob and Beth