Dexter the German Shepherd

Dexter the German Shepherd

Dexter is our 18 month baby; well he was! Over the last few months Dexter started to get more aggressive towards strangers, especially when entering our home. It reached a point in November when we knew that he would bite and enough was enough.

After discussing dogs in work a friend suggested I called Sally. I explained Dexter's behaviour and asked whether she could help. After spending a few minutes on the phone I knew Sally was the answer. Sally came to us on Friday 30th November and changed the way we look at our baby boy forever. By loving Dexter like a human we were making him sad and he didn't feel we could protect him, so he took on the role of protecting himself and us. Sally gave us set rules and asked to see Dexter, who barked and growled at her. My husband used Sally's system and within an hour sally was sat in the lounge with us all and Dexter was relaxed, laying on the floor; still wearing his lead.

With Sally's ongoing guidance and a week on, the results are amazing. We still have a long way to go, but we cannot believe the difference in him. We have had to change our routine with him and the way we are with him; which is very hard. Whilst out walking now, joggers have passed and he hasn't even barked. He hated bikes and, a week on, he may pull towards them, but no aggression is shown.

If you are having behaviour problems with your dog, I recommend you call Sally straight away, she is amazing.

Kind regards