Gertie the English Bull Terrier

Gertie the English Bull Terrier

I got in touch with Sally when Gertie our three year old English Bull Terrier started showing signs of dominant and unsafe behaviour that I was no longer able to excuse as just boisterous and playful. In my heart I knew that I had a dangerous dog as I couldn’t control her and she was unpredictable. Even though this was difficult to admit I realised that I had to address this situation both for other people’s safety and Gertie’s sake too.

Sally came to speak to myself and my husband and within minutes I realised that the problem was down to the way that we had treated our dog. We had projected feelings onto our dog that really didn’t exist and were living our life around how we thought she would appreciate things being done rather than making her fit into our life. This had left her with the problem of trying to work out who was the leader in our family and as such her behaviour had become that of a dog who wonders whether she should step in where we weren’t showing her what to do.

Sally met Gertie and showed us how she would expect her to behave and in a very short time we saw a very different dog indeed. With the techniques that Sally showed us we now have a dog who is learning to understand where she fits in to our family. It is not easy and emotionally it has taken a big change in the way that I have had to think about my dog but by following what we have been shown I feel that in time we will have a much more harmonious family with a dog fitting in to what we do rather than having to accommodate around a dog who is calling the shots.

I would recommend Sally to anyone who is facing problems with their dog. The difference that I have seen is remarkable and the advice that she gives is an honest look at the behaviour from the dog and the human point of view. 

Thank you so much again,