Lola the Black Labrador

Lola the Black Labrador

On Thursday 25th January 2018, I picked up our new family dog, an eight month old black Labrador. On my return home I realised the dog would need lots of training and exercise however as my wife had had one for twelve years I was under the impression all would be ok. Our previous dog passed away two years ago and as a family we all missed her. At this point I must stress I am very scared of dogs and not a great dog lover. As child I was nipped and have never really got over it.

After just two days my wife and I said that we should get her trained like our first dog was. She had a good temperament and our new dog needs to be out and about in the same way.

I went on the internet and saw Sally Barnes' website. I rang her on the Sunday morning and explained the situation and that I was nervous of other dogs around ours and wanted to know what to do if she went up to people or other dogs or worse still other dogs came up to us. We also had no recall. I didn't want the dog jumping up on myself or members of the public when we were out.

Sally's attitude completely put me, my wife and our 14 year old daughter at ease.

Sally explained that the dog needs to know we are in charge, it needs to be led not be a leader, it needs to know that it doesn't need to think for itself and we do the thinking.  

I thought about it a lot and what she was saying to me made perfect sense. The problems and situations are not with the dog or dogs, they are with us and other dog owners. 

I arranged an afternoon session with Sally for Thursday (we had had our dog a week by then) to ensure we don't get into any bad habits. 

Sally arrived at our house. I was alone for the first part of the session. She went through thoroughly all the reasons why this was needed, not only for me but also for the dog and others around. The information was amazing and in a way mind blowing that people don't think of the responsibility of being a dog owner.

Being afraid of large dogs, I was amazed when sally Introduced me to her large Alsatian. I froze and went white.

He came into the garden and didn't even acknowledge that I was there. He was fully focused on his role and was only listening to what Sally was telling him to do. I was very impressed, even to the point that I started to stroke the dog with no fear.

We then got our Labrador out. Sally said she would take a few minutes to see Lola then the work would begin.

She started to teach us basic commands like away, sit, come, wait, leave, and down using hand signals.

After an hour of this, our dog was completely different and although she is a loving and friendly dog she was now under our full control.

Sally showed us what we needed to be doing thoroughly and we all started to try it out and instantly noticed a difference. 

This experience, I will admit, wasn't cheap, but was worth every pound to have the peace of mind that my dog and I are safe using the skills and knowledge that Sally had taught us.

Two days later and the dog is getting better and better following the commands and realising she works for us and not us for her.

I can't thank Sally enough for this experience and I hope all dog owners will look on Sally's website and see for themselves how to have a happy, healthy and obedient dog.


David Deborah Ana