Luna the Border Collie

We had reached the point of where we were thinking of re-homing our dog Luna (Border Collie). We had reached the end – she was lunging at every car and every dog we came across. We could not go on a family walk. Demanding we played with her in the house. We wanted a dog so we could all go out with her, but it was no fun anymore, hiding from other people/dogs – so just my wife or I would take her out on our own.  This was not what we had wanted. We had tried everything – using rewards to encourage better behaviour, but none of it was working  As a family, we had become very stressed at home as we struggled to know how to deal with Luna. Ironically at home we thought she was a relatively well behaved dog (did not chew any furniture etc.) but little did we know she was ruling our house entirely.

We came across Sally’s website and thought we’d try this as a last resort. Sally spoke to us on the phone initially and then arranged came out to see us and showed us where we were going wrong, how it was Luna that was calling all the shots. Sally showed us how to deal with Luna, taking back control and having a more submissive dog. She left us with the simple tools to continue the work that Sally had started in her short time with us. Since this moment, we feel like we have our lives back. We are back in control and Luna is so much more calm around the house. From the moment Sally left, we just continued the simple techniques.  There is a long way to go, as we have yet to fully re-introduce Luna to public spaces/road walking etc., but we feel we have gained our lives back and now have the tools to help us. It is still not easy and we are having to work hard and we hope we’ll get there.

Tom and Lisa