Remy the Jack Russell

Remy the Jack Russell

We adopted Remy, a three-year-old rescue Jack Russell, seven weeks ago. She was showing an alarming state of aggression to all visitors and we knew couldn’t afford to let her off the lead because she would attack. It stopped us entertaining family and friends as she was so hostile with anyone in the house. She’d also bark frantically at alarms, ringtones, door knocking, the hoover, etc. and displayed other odd behaviour such as ‘humping’ her bed or biting it.

After following the advice of two behaviourists, things were only getting worse so we called Sally with an SOS. Sally’s visit was unbelievable, within a very short space of time, Remy was walking on a lead among visitors with no reaction, then fell asleep at Sally’s feet! Sally has an amazing energy with dogs, it’s incredible to watch.  She is kind but firm with both dogs and owners in her training and creates a great plan to work with.

After Sally’s visit, we were no longer at the end of our tether and wrung out. We had a much better understanding of our dog and her needs. The key was being shown the importance of our roles, and how to become her pack leader. After just one week, I can’t believe the difference! We have a calm, submissive dog who is happier than we’ve ever seen her and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Sally – she really has a wonderful gift.

Many thanks again,

Julia & Bob Chapman