About my dog whispering services in Bristol

Sally Barnes with her dogs in a field of sheep

Suggesting that I’m Bristol’s answer to the “Dog Whisperer” might sound corny. However, if you’re familiar with Cesar Millan, “It’s me or the Dog,” or even going way back to Barbara Woodhouse, we all do the same thing.

Ultimately, we all ensure that your life with your dog is optimised for you and your dog. That might be training a puppy from the start or it might be rehabilitating a badly behaved dog. Either way, it all starts with training you as much as training the dog. And that training is underpinned in getting you to understand the brain of the dog, how they think, how they react.

Fundamentally, if you don’t understand some basic principles here, then your dog will think for you and consequently, assume that often used role of “pack leader.” That’s why he/she will pull on the lead, want to chase bikes/cars, bark excessively and be aggressive to other dogs. The dog thinks it’s in charge and it will be.

My role is to help you and your dog understand that you are the pack leader. Usually, redressing this balance is at the core of my work and it will be exciting, fun and hugely rewarding along the way. Without sounding clichéd, it will be a bit of a “journey", but the journey will reward you with a dog that wants to please as its prime role, and be the companion you always wanted.

Contacting me is just the first step of the journey, let’s have a chat, I’ll come round and we can talk through your requirements. More importantly, I can see your dog live!

Please ring me on: 07721 506 713 Or if you prefer you can email me here.

I am proud to be a Pets as Therapy dogIf you missed Sally on Jackie King-Turner's This Much I Know on Stratford Community Radio, you can listen to the podcast hereor click here to download.



Sally has been re-habilitating and training dogs for many years and you can read some of the success stories on this website. To find out more about what Sally does and how she does it please get in touch.

Letter of recommendation from Heathcote Veterinary Centre.

Letter of recommendation from Stratford-upon-Avon Dog Training Club.


"As a doctor I am very aware of the psychology of the doctor-patient consultation. Having witnessed Sally in action working with dogs I can only say the she is truly gifted. This is both in her ability to understand, and communicate with the dogs, but also their owners. Within minutes she understands and appreciates the problems, and is able to bring about behaviour change in a way that is natural for the dog. I cannot recommend Sally highly enough."
Dr Alison Bedlow MBBS FRCP

"Sally is wonderful! I highly recommend her. If you are having issues with your canine friend(s) then contact Sally Barnes. She will provide you with the tools, techniques and coach both you and the dog on good behavior. She is a breath of fresh air!"
Sindy Matthews

"Sally is a genius with dogs. She has a unique empathy with all our canine friends & has them literally eating out of her hands immediately. She is a great dog trainer who gets results with dogs & their owners and makes it all fun. Sally has a special aura which animals respond to positively. She is remarkable."
Jim Brown