Amy and Mikey the Malteses

Amy and Mikey the Malteses

Wow. Wow. Wow. Words fail me. Yesterday we spent the afternoon in our home with Sally, working with our two Malteses - a four year old dog & an eight month old bitch. Here’s a photo of her with our four year old dog, taken moments after he chose to submit to her.

The afternoon was truly an education of a lifetime. We learned that most of the things we’d been taught in dog training classes, or read about in dog training / puppy-raising advice books, is so very mistaken when compared to the true nature of a dog. We were guilty of humanising our dogs by providing a life for them we thought was wonderful, yet from their perspective was confusing and stressful. It was just like on the TV where the dogs respond as if hypnotised; very few words, no physical contact, lots of patience and amazing instant results.

There are lots of things for my husband and I to do very differently going forward (and we’re very happy to do it), now that we understand a dog’s world and their psychology so that our Malteses always feel safe, secure, part of the pack and loved no matter what. They can finally relax knowing their leader has their backs.

All four of our lives have positively changed forever - I’m blown away.