Bella the Pyrenees Mountain Dog

Bella the Pyrenees Mountain Dog

Our Pyrenees mountain dog, Bella, has food aggression and ruled our house for many years. We had learnt to avoid situations not to upset her but since my daughter was born it was becoming more difficult to constantly avoid situations just to please Bella.

After a pretty aggressive situation with her, I decided this could not go on. I had remembered Sally’s name from a friend’s neighbour that had a great success story from using her. I emailed her and within a couple of hours she was on the phone to discuss, she was helpful and very honest.

Sally’s session was really fantastic, it was like watching Cesar Millan the way she worked with Bella. She has a calm and practical approach. Immediately it was clear where we were going wrong. We went back to basics and have a simple plan moving forward.

Whilst we know we have quite a training journey ahead of us, we are already seeing some positive changes.

Thank you so much! Xx