Boudi the Jack Russell

Boudi the Jack Russell

She is now off the ‘off lead’ as she’s responding to commands brilliantly. She’s happy with us taking the post out of the door or off the mat with no negative behaviour. She’s much better with family coming into the home and rests while they’re here, with no issues when they get up to leave.

Our home is very peaceful again, and we now have one very relaxed and chilled out little dog. She looks ‘pleased’ all the time and the tail never stops wagging. We’ve been away camping, too, and she was beautifully behaved despite a lot more noise from other campers and people walking by. Since then, she’s been more interested in the garden and enjoys spending time in her favourite places in the sun.

I’m thrilled every day to see her so relaxed and happy, and I can’t believe how soft her features have become. The family say she looks like a different dog. There is also the standing joke that despite being the smallest dog in the family, she gets the biggest bones! Her teeth are immaculate!

Thanks so much again for your help and advice, the results are marvellous to see, and improving still as the days go by.

Much love,

Bob and Jules xx



UPDATE: Thought you’d like the photos as part of your successes. And by the way, she doesn’t give a toss about fireworks! So happy about this.

Best wishes, and always grateful to you, that tail is wagging more than I ever dreamed of,

Jules, Bob & Boudi xxx