Cece the Husky-Labrador Cross

Cece the Husky-Labrador Cross

My husky-lab cross Cece had been pulling me around on the lead for almost three years since I adopted her. She has always shown on-lead aggression but it was getting worse by the day. The final straw came when I was out walking Cece and she lunged at another dog and started trying to fight it and I couldn’t take any more.

I found Sally’s website after researching aggression and pulling behaviours and I didn’t hesitate to send an email asking for help after reading Sally’s reviews. Sally mailed me back immediately and then we spoke on the phone the next morning to discuss meeting and fees.

Sally came to our home a few days later and within one hour, Cece was walking with absolutely zero pulling whatsoever, which was something I had never experienced or thought possible. I was so overwhelmed by it I even cried! Sally was very calm, very patient and spoke to me from Cece’s point of view, explaining her needs in basic terms and was totally non-judgemental of all the mistakes I had been making along the way.

We still have to work on the pulling outside the house if we go somewhere new or if there are many distractions but she is 100% improved on her previous walking. I can’t recommend Sally enough, especially to those who are considering perhaps re-homing their dog because they feel hopeless like I did. Hands down the best training I have ever paid for, my only regret is that I didn’t contact Sally sooner.


Zoe and Cece.