Farah the Working Cocker

Farah the Working Cocker

I asked Sally for help with my 18 month old working cocker who didn't have the easiest start in life. Farah was a hyperactive whirlwind who never stopped bouncing. She pulled on the lead and lay down on the floor refusing to walk, barked at nothing (embarrassing in public).

Sally quickly changed Farah's behaviour in the first 10 minutes! She's taught me simple, effective techniques that I can use repetitively. She's taken out the fluff that I don't need in order to communicate effectively with my dog. I am already seeing results and Sally has enabled me to be calm, strong and less highly strung myself.

I am happier, my dog is happier. I can actually do things in my day without my dog dictating how the day will be! Farah is doing so well on the lead and it's a joy to watch her do better with this every day. She loves it! A dog should be a joy not a source of stress.

Sally gives a 100% and is very direct while being supportive and kind. She's empowered me through this experience and I'm very grateful.