Lucie the Black Labrador

Lucie the Black Labrador

I contacted Sally as a last resort before giving our dog up. We have a one year old black Labrador who had bitten my three-year-old. It was not a puncture wound but a bite is a bite and that is not a risk I was willing to take so thought my only option was to re-home the dog. As one last attempt at getting help I found Sally on Google and called her to see if she thought she could help.

After some really helpful and honest talking on the phone, Sally came for a session of training with us and our dog. After explaining the theory we got straight to the training, the techniques were easy to grasp and instantly our dog was behaving like a dog who had been trained all her life. It was really easy to talk to Sally and she made it clear we could express any questions or worries throughout the process. Sally was clear about what we needed to do and helped me see that I had been completely mis-reading the dog and then using those misunderstandings to affect how I treated the dog. Understanding the dog made it easy to see how I needed to change my behaviour and in turn the dog's behaviour changed too.

When Sally left, we felt that we knew exactly what was needed to keep our children safe, us safe and the dog safe. It was so rewarding for us to see our dog behaving so well and to be able to feel proud of her. I would highly recommend Sally to ALL dog owners, as its a foundation of knowledge about how to keep everyone safe and happy.

All the best,