Maggie the Golden Retriever

Maggie the Golden Retriever

I called on Sally to help me with Maggie my golden retriever. Although Maggie was very well obedience trained I felt there was something which I was not giving her as she seemed a little anxious. Maggie would run around the house if she saw her harness knowing she was going walking, barked at objects: cats; squirrels, and never really relaxed around the house, always on the move.

I called Sally to chat about these issues and she very quickly explained that I was not being pack leader. We arranged a four-hour training session and it soon became clear where we were going wrong. Maggie responded to Sally amazingly.

Within the first week things had greatly improved Maggie is now much more chilled and relaxed. The play-fighting pushing and shoving for attention when our daughter collects her golden in the evening is much calmer and controlled. Walking on the lead has improved however is still work in progress.

It wasn’t Maggie that needed the training but us to ensure Maggie felt safe and secure at all times, these issues were down to us and not our lovely dog.

We thank Sally so much for her brilliant work and understanding of the lovely animals.

Ollwyn and Graham