Molly the Chihuahua Cross

Molly the Chihuahua Cross

Sally has changed my rescue pup into a different dog—for the best! Although she’s young, and I admit to never truly owning a puppy before (only adult dogs and other types of pets), our pup was biting my husband quite hard to the point of breaking the skin, snarling, barking, and even snapping at my face (nose/lips).

Sally’s techniques really work; my pup is now happier, calmer, and safer in public with people and other dogs. This is not only my opinion, but other people that met her before that have noticed her behavior and personality are much better. I’m sure practicing Sally's methods are what’s changed her—but had I not hired Sally, we’d still be doing things wrong and continuing being bitten and miserable!

Sally is very sweet, calm, and this exudes onto the dog, which she has taught us. I admit that our pup was the Queen, and now knows her place. Of course, comparing her to a toddler, she will “try it on”, but now quickly calms down. A little nudge is all it takes to remind her who is in charge.

I’m glad that I had Sally intervene in our pup’s behavior at this early stage of her life. The worries of her harming my elderly husband upset me, and all of the weight fell off my shoulders! I truly do have a new dog, and I give all the thanks to Sally who taught me how to rear a pup so that she will grow into the best dog as she ages into adulthood!

I mean every word, and I’m sure there’s more that I may have left out. She’s still not always sleeping through the night, but she hears me get up. It’s not as much, but the long walks really help, as well as keeping her up as much as possible during the day (which isn’t always easy).

You have no idea the relief I felt as if a load of worries fell off my shoulders!