Obi and Wilson aka white dog, brown dog

Obi and Wilson

It has been a positive experience enlisting Sally's expertise with our dogs, my partner and I had certain reservations about involving a third party. However, we knew we needed to do something so we could continue to enjoy our dogs safely. Sally was with us for just over three hours. She left us with comprehensive tasks, new ways to communicate to our dogs and the reassurance that she was very contactable with any questions we might have.

The first night was restless however, after 24 hours we were already noticing a difference. The second night was much more restful. We decided to take the dogs out to the park, to a quiet field, on the second day after Sally's visit. We were chatting with another dog walker, when in mid sentence she mentioned how impeccably well behaved our dogs were; this of course was music to our ears. I have no doubt that with the teachings that Sally has imparted on us, we will crack the behaviour issues we have developed with our dogs.

Many Thanks, Sabrina and Nigel