A recommendation

Sally and Tin Tin

I’ve known Sally for over two years, working with her on a weekly basis as her personal trainer. Every week I hear stories and see photos of the amazing work she does with dogs - literally changing their and their owners lives.

Also, being a filmmaker, I’ve seen her work firsthand as I was interested in making a documentary. I can honestly say myself and the dogs owners were blown away. When we arrived, we encountered an angry, vicious dog that was a clear threat to the family and others. By the end of the day, the dog was calm and happy - a complete transformation, it was incredible! I must also add that, in no way were her techniques cruel.

She also has one of the most nicest, friendliest and beautiful dogs I have met - you practice what you preach.

If you are having problems with your dog, I would not hesitate in recommending Sally Barnes.

Miro Caminade