Roxy the Cockapoo

Roxy the Cockapoo

We had been struggling with our Cockapoo Roxy for almost a year and were stuck in a rut with ignoring the bad behaviour, rewarding good behaviour and getting nowhere. Roxy was attacked at 4 months and so we blamed a lot of her behaviour on this and put our feelings onto what she thought she was doing i.e. hugging us, barking and running away,

Meeting with Sally and talking through these behaviours and our feelings towards them has definitely helped us to move forward and view her very differently. We started again with Sally’s help, going right back to basics to rebuild Roxy’s confidence as well as our own.

We now have strategies and techniques to manage tricky times with her: walking and the postman etc. We still have a way to go and are taking it slowly but step-by-step we are already beginning to see improvement. The house feels a lot calmer and Roxy is definitely happier for the boundaries and expectations Sally has helped us put in place.

Dan and Kelly