Rubus and Kizzy

Rubus and Kizzy

Hi Sally

First of all I would like to say thank you for coming to see us on Wednesday 20th March 2019. We found it very interesting and eye opening.

When I contacted you, I have to say, I had no illusions that the reason I had very badly behaved dogs was going to be down to me, and as I said in my contact email, I was failing my dogs, but I didn’t know why, and therefore needed guidance as to how to put things right.

We were amazed at how quickly Rubus understood who was boss when you introduced yourself to him, and quite frankly, amused at the way he didn’t know what to do and froze, slowly collapsing down to the ground in incredible slow motion and wagging his tail when he got there!

Where I thought I had been giving boundaries, clearly the dogs didn’t see it that way and were doing what they wanted, when they wanted and how they wanted. Resulting in me having two very strong dogs that I was unable to walk together and who had no etiquette with other people or dogs. There are two beautiful dogs in there that need to come out!

You were very patient and clear with how we are to tackle the problem, and you have given, not list upon list of dos and don’ts, but clear principles to work to, so that we should be able to apply these to work through situations ourselves, or certainly myself.

I was relieved when you gave me the instructions that I need to get on top of who is boss right here around the home and garden first before venturing out to the big wide world. I had always had the message that these dogs need to be out, out, out, socialising, running and playing. But I was becoming more fearful of that as they were not coming under control when we were out. Life was starting to get very isolating as I had to be careful where and when I was going out, I wouldn’t invite friends to the house as it wasn’t pleasant for anyone and I was finding it hard to go out myself as I didn’t know what destruction I would meet me on my return. I was nurturing hooligans and losing me! Finally, and the next morning, I felt as though the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders and I felt very positive about the way forward. No longer was I considering ‘it’s the dogs or my sanity’!

It is going to be a long journey, I know, as they (especially Rubus) have continued at times to control the situation and me, by being disruptive in their pens, barking or crying, and protesting by weeing in the pen. I have wobbled a couple of times already I admit, missing them constantly around my space and having cuddles on the settee. However, every time I do, I re-read the ‘CALM-ASSERTIVE/CALM-SUBMISSIVE’ sheet as you instructed and it helps enormously, reminding me why I am doing this, of the principles, and assuring me that I WILL get there, I WILL have a deep and meaningful relationship with both my beautiful dogs, who I will be proud of.

I tell everybody that the dogs are currently in ‘Boot Camp’ and enjoying the experience. And I tell everybody about the afternoon spent with you and how enlightening and positive it was.

I don’t know yet how I get to the final destination, we will need to see you again sometime to help fulfil my dream. However, for the here and now I do see some progress and I just need to keep my determination that I will reach our goal.

Thank you for your help