Zea the Golden Cocker Spaniel

Zea the Golden Cocker Spaniel

For anyone with a dog who recognises some if this behaviour in your pet just have a good long think about the possible consequences.

Our puppy was pulling on her lead when we took her out and no matter what we tried it made walking her one of the most unpleasant experiences for us. She pretty much ruled us and we let her because she is so cute, we thought we were good “parents” but actually pretty much everything we did caused bad behaviour or habits in our dog. Her obsession with the ball bordered on a kind of mental anguish for her and for us, jumping up and on furniture, we’d told ourselves our dog wouldn’t be doing that well she did. She was hyper, we thought it was normal puppy behaviour, it wasn’t we now know she was in a high state of anxiety and we were the cause.

Although we thought generally our puppy was good, some instinct told us that we weren’t in control and after speaking with Sally it was clear to us that we had a potentially serious problem in keeping our dog safe.

So Sally came to our house and started by educating us and it was a shock, emotional and a revelation all in one. She then went on to show us how we should be behaving towards our dog with the most dramatic results I can’t even begin the explain, the transformation was unbelievable.

Sally left us with instructions and the belief that we could do this we have become pack leaders and we have a calmer happier dog. Don’t ask how she does this it is astonishing to see but we 100% would recommend her skills, we can’t thank her enough.

Helen and Neil James