Success stories

From aggression to lead pulling, from puppies to rescue dogs, from Chihuahuas to Rottweilers and all crosses in-between, I have experienced all sorts of problem behaviours. Read more about my methods in these testimonials from some of my dog training clients.

Harvey the Labrador and George the Springer Spaniel

Harvey the Springer Spaniel and George the Labrador
Today Sally has been helping me to sort out the issues over feeding time with both my dogs. Each individual thing cements the idea of pack leader in the dogs brain. I cannot speak highly enough about how much Sally understands how dogs tick!

Lola the short haired German Pointer

Lola the short haired German Pointer
In the summer off we went to France for three months with Lola and our two cats. So far, so good, until Lola decided when we got there, no way was she sleeping in the kitchen! Sally definitely saved our bacon. She really knows what she is doing.

Henry the Cocker Spaniel

Henry the Cocker Spaniel
UPDATE: After eight weeks of Sally's guidance Henry is a different dog - calmer, happier and a joy to have around. Well behaved in the house and when out walking, it's a real pleasure to have his company.

Dolly the English Bull Terrier

Mike and Dolly the English Bull Terrier
It was amazing how on your very first visit, managed to establish a meeting of minds with Dolly, my eight-month old English Bull Terrier.

Willow the Chocolate Labrador

Using Sally's easy to follow, but very distinct, guidelines I became 'pack leader' and the results were instantaneous! Willow is calm, submissive, respectful and obedient - all this using about three words spoken quietly, kindly and firmly!

Louis the Cockapoo

Louis the Cockapoo

We bought Louis our 10 week Cockapoo home in October and my intention was to ensure he would be a well behaved, trained dog, however that was easier said than done!

Oakley, Marley, Wesley and Pets as Therapy

Sally with Marley and Boy
Pets As Therapy oversees volunteers who visit homes, hospices and hospitals with animals for those who wouldn’t otherwise get the opportunity to stroke something fluffy and waggy. It is a lovely thing to do, and the patients in our Rehabilitation Hospital - some of whom are not very responsive to people - get a lot out of it.

Maddy the pretty cross

Jill, Darrell and Maddy
Sally visited us at home this afternoon, she spent 4 hours here and already we have a changed dog.

Max the Staffie Cross

Ruth, Tam, Max and Dylan
UPDATE: Max has been so much better over the last few months since working with Sally, and we've been really enjoying him. It was lovely that this time, rather than being desperate and at the end of our wits, we could sit and talk positively to Sally about where we want to progress to.

Daxi the Dachshund

The ripple effect is enormous and the more we talk about Tess and her new life the more we find out how other people have struggled and your way seems to be the best - simple, appropriate for an animal and very effective.

Storm the white German Shepard

Storm the white German Shepherd with Boy

My name is Storm, I am a 2 year old white German Shepard. I live with Jane, Sarah and Mark, and I want to tell you about a special dog. Once a month a lady called Sally comes with her German Shepard named Boy.

Jake the German shepherd/retriever

Jake the German shepherd/retriever

Jake is a 2 year old German shepherd/retriever, male, a rescue dog who came to us with all sorts of fears and issues about the outside world.

Storm's holiday

Storm on holiday with Jane, Sarah and Mark

We left for Cornwall on a hot Saturday. The week went very well, we took her everywhere with us. Into busy streets with lots of people and dogs. Onto the beach and into the sea, she did not like the waves. Long walks in the woods.

Jess the Border Collie

Jess the border Collie relaxed by the hoover
Jessie was wonderful until she was 8 months old, obedient and always came back on walks. However, she then decided she was the boss and started to rule us!

Blue the Patterdale Terrier

Blue the Patterdale Terrier in the park
I’ve been around dogs for most of my 56 years, but I could not understand why my dog Blue was trying to bite people or what to do about it.

Milo the Jack Russell

Jean and Milo the Jack Russell
Sally came and immediately saw the problem - I needed to be the leader.

Winston the Wheaten terrier

Winston the Wheaten terrier
Sally had an immediate impact with Winston and helped us to understand the importance of our dog having a pack and a leader.

Ozzy the Staffordshire bull terrier

Scott and Ozzy the Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Ozzy is 2 years old and he behaved like he owned our house he barked at night every night. Jumping at people that come in the house. Wanting his own way all the time pulling on the lead getting pillows and clothes etc and getting on the sofas.

Sam the Cocker Spaniel

Sam the Cocker Spaniel

Well what can I say, apart from Sally delivered what she promised.


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