Success stories

From aggression to lead pulling, from puppies to rescue dogs, from Chihuahuas to Rottweilers and all crosses in-between, I have experienced all sorts of problem behaviours. Read more about my methods in these testimonials from some of my dog training clients.

Gemma the Border Collie

Sally and Gemma the Border Collie
The arrival of Gemma, the six year old border collie, took us by surprise. She was an unsolicited gift from an old friend who was having difficulty managing her.

Mika the German Shepherd

Mika the German Shepherd
If we had not come to you in their early life, they would probably be restricted to walking on flexi-leads in quiet country lanes! But as it is we have no problem taking them to busy town centres, parks full of dogs or down canalsides full of ducks and other birds!

Loki the German Shepherd

Sally and Loki the German Shepherd
From the moment Sally came through the door Loki, my GSD, 'knew' this lady meant business... we've all seen it on the TV, well, believe me, I saw it in my own living room! You could feel her calm control, Loki certainly did!

Connie the Jack Russell

Connie the Jack Russell
Sally is in my mind the British answer to Caesar Milan. She is always kind but firm. To get instant results talk to Sally Barnes, the dog has learnt the lingo much quicker than I have.

Hattie the Border Collie

Hattie the Border Collie
We rang Sally as we had an 8 year old, beautiful and extremely intelligent Border Collie who showed classic traits as trying to be the pack leader in the absence of us assuming that responsibility.

Monty the Terrier

Sally, Olive and Monty the Terrier

Thanks to all the hard work and effort you've put into training 'Monty', our rough haired Terrier, he's gone from being almost out of control to a very nice dog. We're not quite out of the woods yet but it won't be long. We'd recommend you to anyone.


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